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These World Class Entities have entered into Strategic Alliances with Emerson Technologies for the Sale and Marketing of their services.

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"Steam/Water Sampling"

Sentry Equipments

As Representative of Sentry ® we provide the widest selection of sample cooler designs available to meet your steam, water, hydrocarbon or other sampling needs. If you need analyzing water/steam from multiple sampling points, diferent models we provide such Model Sample Sentry® II, Model SL Single Line Sample Panel, Model TCU Temperature Control Unit, Model CWIS, Model CWMS.


"Water Treatment "

ML Ball Logo

We are authorized representative for a broad spectrum of products. In addition to those products that we represent for other manufacturers we also handle our own series of Activated Carbon products - MasterCarb and our own slag removal product - Slag-be-Gone. We are specialist in Ion Exchange Resin, Water Treatment, Activated Carbon, RO Membranes, Pre-Filters &Liquid Process Filters, Metering pump accessories, Demineralizers & Deaerators, Chemical Metering & Feed Systems Pumps, Filter Media, Sand, Gravel & Anthracite, Streaming Current Detectors, Valves, Pulsation Dampeners, Wedge Flow Screens and Calibration Columns.


"Explosion protection, Lighting and More "

Stahl Logo

As representative of STAHL - We are be able to provide good quality of explosion protection and more. Sathl is internationally the leader the way in this technology. With wide range of products covering explosion protected switches, pushbuttons and light fittings through controls to complex systems, is the only manufacturer able to offer the entire range of different explosion protection methods (types of protection). We will give you a full sales services and international project handling. The R. STAHL brand is synonymous with the very highest quality and demanding solutions. For the key accounts are the gas and oil industry, in addition to the chemical and pharmaceuticals industries. However, we also serve customers in the food industry, the shipbuilding sector and the biofuel industry who also need to use explosion protected products. Likewise, R. STAHL products can be found in sewage treatment plants, water conditioning plants and distilleries. There are a diversity of products such Lighting, Installation Equipment, Control Stations and Control Devices, Installation Equipment and Accessories, Signalling Devices, Load Disconnect Switches and Motor Starters, Components for System Solutions, Applications Low Voltage Systems, Isolators, Remote I/O IS1+, Safety Barriers, Fieldbus ISbus, Operating and Monitoring Systems, Components for Heating Systems, Camera and Surveillance Systems, Wireless, Marine Solutions, Automation Technology, System Solutions, NEC and CEC-Products.


"Water Services Equipments"

Purologix Logo


Purologix Water Services is a full service water treatment company. Our technologies include Ozone (O3), UV sterilization, Chlorine dioxide disinfection (ClO2), and other specialized water treatment technologies. We serve a variety of markets including residential, commercial, medical, dental, research, laboratory, and industrial water treatment. We provide residential treatment and service, purified RO drinking water for home or office, bottle-less water coolers to replace 5-gallon bottled water, deionized and distilled water (DI) for laboratory, dental, and research, advanced disinfection for hospitals, laboratories and critical cooling, as well as commercial ice makers, and filtration. Our focus is developing the optimal process for each unique application. Our systems deliver quality, performance, and long-term value to our customers, and we offer full service rental, and purchase options.


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